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Sandstone Kennels has been and always will be dedicated to ensuring that our adult dogs and pups are raised with the most love, proper nutrition, proper exercise, timely vaccinations and de-worming.

In looking for new owners, whether it is an adult dog or a puppy, we look for the same qualities in prospective owners. It is very important to take care of our little "fur-kids" just as we would our own children. We only ask that you do your research about the breed that you are thinking of acquiring and that you are truly ready for the responsiblility of a new puppy.  It is a lot of work in the beginning, so it takes a lot of commitment on the new owners part, to ensure that the puppy is well cared for. 

Below, I will share a few of the things that we do to ensure that our little (and big) dogs are properly cared for and at an affordable price. However; I know that some people have their own preferences; I just wanted to share some alternative and cost efficient ideas.

Upon receiving your little one from Sandstone Kennels, he/she will have had at least their first set of puppy vaccinations and deworming series. We also provide our customers with full records of these administrations and a nice & happy clean puppy.


Deposits and Contract Info:  If you are interested in reserving a puppy once it is born, we do offer you the option of applying a deposit towards your puppy. Deposits are usually started at the age of 3-4 weeks.  We supply a Puppy Deposit Contract and provide you with a copy of that contract; so that you feel comfortable in trusting that we will honor your deposit and reservation for your puppy.  Once you know the date of which you will be receiving your puppy, please proceed with scheduling the puppies first visit with your veterinarian.  That way, you will be able to have the puppy checked prior to the 5 day expiration of our Limited Warranty.

Deposits are non-refundable if you decide to not purchase the puppy.  The only instances where a deposit may be refundable, as stated in our Limited Warranty Puppy Contract, are, if there is something genetically wrong with your puppy per your veterinarian or in the event that something were to happen to the puppy prior to final sale.  We give the option of receiving your deposit back or we will provide you with another puppy if one is available.  In order to honor the refund, we ask that you take your puppy to your veterinarian within 5 Days of final sale.  If there is something genetically wrong with the puppy or if the puppy is deemed in poor health by the Vet, we require a note or phone call from your veterinarian stating the medical problem that is affecting the puppy.

***Very Important - Additional Information regarding our Contract
Below is a copy of a new paragraph from our Deposit/Limited Warranty Contract...Please read....

"We, Joe Dillon and Kim Dillon, owners of Sandstone Kennels, strive to provide the healthiest puppies possible.  In the event that your puppy becomes deceased prior to being taken to your veterinarian, we Sandstone Kennels will not be responsible for this occurrence since we are not in possession of the puppy and are unable to prove that the puppy had not been exposed to something that could harm him/her.  It is your responsibility as the new owner, to ensure that your puppy is taken to the vet immediately after purchase.  Only healthy puppies leave our premises; if a puppy suddenly dies in your care without showing any signs of any illness, it is unlikely that the death occurred due to our practices.  Also, if death occurs, you are responsible as the new owner, to immediately take the puppy to a vet to have an autopsy performed.  We will only take responsibility if your veterinarian states that the death occurred to a defect within the puppy."

Puppy CareProper puppy care is essential in raising a puppy to be a very healthy adult dog. We recommend taking your puppy to a veterinarian for good puppy care but, as previously stated, some people may have experience administering puppy care from their home.  Puppy vaccinations and wormings are very important.

Worming: We start worming our little babies at 2 weeks old and every 2 weeks thereafter, until they are sold. The brand of liquid wormer that we use is called "Nemex x 2"; which can be purchased at a local feed store.

Vaccinations: The veterinarian is best for administering puppy and dog vaccinations, but with the large amount of dogs that we own, our vet felt comfortable advising us to purchase our own dog vaccinations and administering them ourselves. This may not be for everyone! So if you have any doubt on the proper procedure, please use a veterinarian. If you do have experience with this, then you can also obtain dog vaccinations from your local feed store. We vaccinate at 6, 10 & 14 weeks of age and use a 5 in 1 dog vaccine. When a puppy is purchased, we always instruct the new owner to continue with any vaccinations that their new little one will be due for in the future after purchase.  Here is a link that may be helpful in understanding the vaccination process.  The link is to  Peteducation.com provided by Dr. Foster and Smith.  www.peteducation.com/article.cfm. There is so much information on this web page that may help you along in the puppy and adult stages of your dog's life.

Dog and Puppy Food: We have found that Diamond Pet Food products work great for our dogs.  The Diamond Pet Food brand has several different types of food that may best fit your dogs needs and your budget as well.  Our adult dogs are eating Diamond High Energy and our puppies are fed Diamond Puppy.  These brands can be purchase at Tractor Supply stores or a local Feed Store.  Below are two links for Diamond Pet Food's website and a store locator to help you find a dealer closest to you.  


Feeding: Once the little ones are starting to explore and trying to eat food, we introduce "Diamond Puppy"  dog food.  This food contains the Antioxidants that your puppy needs for a healthy immune system.  This dog food is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids and lots of vitamins. The pieces of  dog food are very tiny so the little ones can chew it much easier. Again, you may have a preference of dog food, but on a budget, this dog food may be right for you. It is best to keep your little one on the same puppy food, as long as they have no problems with their digestive systems or showing any signs of allergies. Constantly swithching to a different dog food, can be hard on their little tummies and could cause their bowels to change to diarrhea type stools. We recommend keeping your pup on a puppy food until 1 yr. of age to be sure that they receive the proper nutrition that their growing bodies need. Our adult dogs are fed Diamond "Hi-Energy" dog food, which we also purchase from our local feed store.

Recently we have discovered that the Diamond Puppy Food does not settle well with our German Shepherd puppies.  So we have decided to use IAMS ProActive Health Smart Puppy for Large Breeds.   The pups stools are so much better on this food.  So our recommendation is to feed your German Shepherd puppy the IAMS instead of the Diamond Puppy.  Below, I added a picture of what the bag looks like and  link to the food on IAMS website.  You can read about the food, including the nutritional information, recommended feeding, the ingredients and you can also view the very highly rated comments about the food as well.


Feel free to use the Google Search bar below to research any of the topics listed on this page.

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Exercise: It is very important to provide plenty of running space for your puppies and adult dogs. If space is limited, then it is advisable that you walk your pup or dog. You will most likely experience better behavior from your dog if they have had their much needed daily exercise. All you need is a collar and a leash and you’re off. It's also best to start teach them to walk on a leash while they are a puppy; makes for an easier walk in the future!

Heartworm prevention is very important for you puppy, on into adulthood.  Please prevent Heartworm Disease for your little one, by providing the right Heartworm preventative recommended by your vet.  Flea prevention is important too, as the fleas can cause tapeworms in your puppy and your adult dogs.  There are many preventatives that your vet can recommend as well, that cover both heartworms and flea prevention.

 I hope that I have been helpful in providing you some ideas; ideas in which are cost-effective ways that work best for us and our healthy dogs and may help you as well.

Good luck to you and please remember to be a responsible owner; keep your puppy on a timely vaccination schedule, provide tons of love and provide proper exercise. If your puppy will not be in a fenced-in area please make sure that they will be safe from moving vehicles, and spay or neuter your dog or dogs if you don't plan on breeding.

Thank you and I hope that we can be of future assistance and we would appreciate it if you would refer someone to us that is looking for an excellent and a good quality puppy.

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