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Receiving success stories and pictures from our customers, after purchasing a puppy from us, is so gratifying and rewarding to us. Just knowing that one of our puppies has made a family very happy, is the reason that I love doing this so much. 

I always ask our customers to send us pictures and updates as they grow.  We've had so many great pictures and wonderful comments; we strive to ensure that our puppies and our customers are very happy.  We have even had repeat customers come back to us for a second puppy! 
I know that it's important, when purchasing a puppy, to know what type of breeder you are buying from, so I have posted comments and feedback from our previous customers to show you that we are reputable and willing to provide nothing but the best puppy possible.



From our Facebook page..."This is Mollie!!! She was from October 2011 litter. This is Woody and Cocoa's puppy!! We love her so much, she is truly a blessing. She is a very smart and beautiful lil girl! Thanks again, her favorite spot our bed!!!  ........Jill & Bryan"


Comment from our Facebook page..."Lily is 5 months old and is already training for dog agility. She is having so much fun with it! Thank you so much for Lily, she is a great pup!

Shelby Granier"


"Hey Aunt Kim,

I just wanted to give you an update on Smokey.  He's doing great and has already retrieved over 20 ducks and geese for me.  He's still small but has a lot of pride....He was on it really fast.  He struggles with geese because of their size compatred to his, but that will come...All in all, he is the best retriever I have ever seen at his age and he is retrieving much better than my friends 2 year old dog.

Hunter Anthony"



"Kim and Joe,

Our lil Mollie is so spolied it isn't even funny. I thought we would send a few picutes of her.  She looks just like Cocoa and Woody (mom and dad).  She loves eating ice, it's her favorite! Mollie is extremely playful, she just doesn't realize how big she really is!  We absolutely adore our dog, it was the best Christmas present ever for our kids!! Thanks a bunch!                 

Jill and Bryan Hebert"


“Hi Kim

Just wanted to share this picture of Gretta. She's a wonderful puppy & has the best personality ever. As you can tell she's a little spoiled!! But we wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for the beautiful baby!

Amber & Kevin Lachney”  

"We got Hunter last year from yall! He'll be 1 year old next month! He's finally getting out of his 'puppy' stage! We love him so much! Just wanted to update yall on how he's doung! His vet says he's one BIG beautiful stud!!



"Just wanted to let y'all know Pistol Annie is doing great. She loves to chew her daddy's boots. She takes her naps in her very own baby play play pen in the living room. Our Schnauzer loves her and protects her like a mother. Today she had her first ride on the four wheeler and loved it. The funniest thing is she refuses to walk on the kitchen floor. Where the carpet stops she stops. If everyone is in the kitchen she sits in the living room and cries. 

Thanks so much for our sweet girl! We will keep in touch!

Carmen and Tommy Clark"



"Hi Kim, 

I just wanted to follow up with the puppy! It's been almost 2 weeks now. 
The boys named her "Macy" and she is doing very well so far. She adapted very quickly and was comfortable right away, she's getting lots of attention, we're working consistently on her training and she already is getting good about going outside. 
She's a great beagle, we're all really enjoying the new change in the house and I just wanted to thank you guys for everything. 
hope you are well, -take care, 

Mark Mullins"



Sassy spoiled rotten...

She is so smart, she sits, speaks and shakes... Sassy and her new friend...


"Hi Kim!!!

I wanted to send you a few photos of our WONDERFUL puppy Kase! He is almost 7 months old and we adore him. He and our son are literally like brothers. Kase is so wonderful to Briar and is so smart!!! He sits, shakes, lays, stays, and is a phenomenal ball catcher ;) I wished I could tell you how many compliments we get on him...he is a gorgeous color and his coat is beautiful, medium length and is so soft. Kase has such a perfect composition. 

We wanted to thank you for helping us find such a loving pet. He is a HUGE lap dog and loves to be right next to us. Kase weighs approx. 75 pounds now and is very healthy. We plan on including him on our Christmas card with our son, so I will send you that photo as well! 

Thanks so much again :) 

Lacey, Todd, Briar and Kase O'Neill"






Lily is such an amazing and smart puppy! She learns very quickly and always wants to please. Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family!

Shelby Granier"


"Hey Kim,

...I wanted to send you a pic of Gaige, she's getting so big!!



We thought you might like to these...She is big and a handful, but we do lover her!!"

Sue & Stan"

"Hey Kim,

Wanted to send y'all an update on Ford! He's full of joy and already a great retriever! He's 16 weeks and pushing 50 pounds! He loves being in a boat and going hunting and also LOVES being in water!!! 

Thank y'all so much!


Kalleigh & Christian"  



I just wanted to give you an update on the beagle that I purchased from you in February. Magnolia is the sweetest pup and she's enjoying her new home! We will be celebrating her first birthday tomorrow!!! I just wanted to send you a picture of how big she has gotten!! And thank you again.......Katherine Bonnett"  


"Hi Kim!
I just wanted to email you an update on the German Shepherd puppy you sold us...

She is a great dog.  She is a quick learner and growing fast...
Please let me know when you have any more puppies because my husband would like to get another one.

Thank you again for this wonderful and beautiful dog!"


"Levi is 13 week and he is 30.6 lbs, he is full of energy and getting very spoiled."





Just wanted to shoot you a quick email, and thank you once again for such a wonderful dog. Baylee celebrated her 1st birthday today.
I attached some pictures of her, and thought I would just keep in touch.
But just thought we would contact you and thank you for such a wonderful dog, and better yet a great experience.
I couldn't have had a more honest, helpful, and smooth buying experience from you and your husband.
Thank you once again and hope you enjoy some on these candid shots of Baylee.

Baylee is a busy pup - involved in agility, member of Bark in the Park @ City Park, she goes fishing pretty often, has a pool,
yet she still finds a way to get in trouble as you can see in the pictures :).
Just wanted to thank you once again for everything.
I count my blessings everyday that we got such a great dog from such great people.
I've heard some "horror" stories about from friends and family getting dogs, and I can't even imagine going through
what some of my family members and friends went through when purchasing a puppy.

So thank you once again and I hope everything is going well,

Thank you,

Korey, Lindsey, & Baylee"

"Miss Daisy Mae"



"Hi Mr. & Mrs. Dillon,



Daisy went to the vet yesterday to get her checkup and everything went well.  You were right, she is VERY active!
My husband and I absolutely adore her!  I have included some pictures from our yard and in the buggy at Petco.    Thank you again for such a beautiful puppy!

 Kindest Regards




"Hi Mrs. Dillon,



Miss Daisy has us SPOILED!  She has been so loving, active…everything a puppy should be. 
She has been going to Pet Smart training class and doing really, really well.  She loves to walk with me in Lafraniere Park and tries to chase the ducks. 
A few people stop to pet her and tell me how cute she is.  I have attached a picture that was taken this morning on her ride to puppy daycare. 
She is just so darn cute and has gotten so big!

 Kindest Regards






"Hi Kim



 "I've been meaning to send you pictures forever of Brees since he's a big boy now but I always forget....so now I have finally remembered!

The attachments are pics and a funny video of him. ...he's a barker!!!  He never shuts up. ...and he's CRAZY.  That's his nickname. 
I'm soooosoo glad that we got him and I found you guys... He was meant for us and I think it proved it when he was born on our anniversary.


I hope you are doing well!

Margaux, Troy, Brees Guienea (pig), and Juju"

"Hi Kim! 
I hope all is well with you, your family, and the dogs.  I just wanted to give you an update on Lahti (13 months) and Bandit (6 months).
They are doing great together.  Lahti is still a tiny dog of only 48 pounds.
She has not gotten any bigger or smaller.  When it comes to Bandit, he is going to be huge.
At 6 months old, he is already 70 pounds and still growing. 
They are so much fun and we love having them.

Thank you for selling us these 2 beautiful dogs.
We are always complimented about how beautiful they are.  We recommend you and your husband all the time. 

I have attached a few pictures for you to see.
Thank you again


"Hi Kim,




We named the puppy Duke and he picked up on it within a day. He has grown alot and weighs in at 19lbs.
We all really enjoy him and he knows how to sit and gives you his paw...When he gets a little bigger I will email you some more pics...Lol he still likes to sit on my lap I don't think he will be able to do that much longer.... Thanks and he is a pleasure.. 




Duke was in a Goodwill commercial in MS and our client was nice enough to send us the clip of the commercial, but I don't want to post that as there may be some issue with the right to publish it; so I posted Val's comments, from the email that contained the commercial, below.




"Hi Kim



Here is Duke's commercial he did behave well, he just didn't want to stand up. But in his defense he was there all morning waiting on the camera crew. It was enjoyable and easy. Hope you enjoy his five second shot. And my vet just loves him, thinks hes a gorgeous dog.. which he is ..:)



(A different Duke from above)

"Just had to let you know that Duke, our Bloodhound puppy that my husband Jason bought from yall has brought much joy to our lives! He is quite ornery and into the chewing phase but is living quite the spoiled and pampered life here in Kansas. He is growing like a weed and very loving with all of our family and our 5 year old Boxer Deuce. Deuce is like a puppy again-playing with him and being a patient big brother. We are so happy that my husband found you and wanted to let you know how much we are loving him!   

Tauna, Greensburg, KS"


 "Hi Joe and Kim, thought you might enjoy some updated pictures of Brandy.





"Deuce and Sassy"






"Hey guys,
This is Sadie, our bloodhound my wife and I got from your kennel. She's getting bigger everyday.
She is just over a year old and extremely active. She loves riding in our Rhino ATV and loves to go with us to look for deer!
Thanks for a great dog!




"Daisy Mae"

"Thinking of you. 55lbs and full of energy. Will be 6 months 6/5/11. 
Tell my mom and dad hello and I love them... My new family Clay and Lynn and Fella."

"Hi Kim!

Hope all is well with you and your family. I thought I would send you a new picture of the dogs. Lahti on the left is 19 months old and Bandit on the right is 12 months old. Lahti is 48 pounds and Bandit is 75 pounds. They are great dogs and love each other very much. They get along with other dogs and love people. Thanks again for two great dogs.

Shannon and Ken Long"

(A different Duke from above)


"Good morning Kim,

I’m sorry it took so long to get back with you with the pics. Duke is doing great. Kip and Christian just loves him so much. We have been getting so much rain lately. When it dries up I will take some more pics outside. Duke loves running in the field. These pics are when he was eight weeks old. He has grown a lot since then. When Kip brought him to the Vet they couldn’t believe he was on 10 weeks old. But we love every inch of him.

Thanks so much Sylvia…"


"Hey Kim,
Just wanted to tell you about our beautiful Bella that we got from you a year ago! She is 14 months old! She is doing great! She loves swimming with us and loves to be outside all day! She is our big fluffball! Thank you so much for giving us an amazing German Shepherd that is perfect! She is so smart! We are always complimented on how beautiful and sweet she is! She loves everyone she meets! She loves going to the park and to Petco! Thank you for my perfect dog!!
This picture is her on her first trip to Petco at 12 weeks! I know these are alot of pictures but just wanted to show you her grow! :)
Thank you,
Kelsey "

"Dear Joe and Kim,

We wanted to send you an update about the Beagle puppy we adopted from
you in January. Dixie is almost five months old now. She recently
graduated from obedience school, but still has a lot to learn :) She
is finding her voice and loves to howl while playing with other dogs
or if she is trying to get my or Sam's attention. Dixie loves walks,
digging, and snuggling up under blankets. She is very friendly and
gets tons of compliments on how good mannered and beautiful she is
everywhere she goes! We attached a few photos so you can see what a
pretty girl she is. Thank you again!



"Hi Kim! Just wanted to give you an update on the chocolate lab you sold us.
After much debate, Spencer decided to name him Cooper. He is HUGE. At 18 weeks, he is a whopping 42 pounds. He is a wonderful companion for Spencer. He loves loading up and riding, but his favorite activity is swimming! Spencer has started training him a bit, and he is responding very well. He is so smart! We are both very happy that he came into our lives. Thank you so much for our puppy! :]
Anna & Spencer"


Toni and I just wanted to give you an update on the puppy so far. We have decided to name is Red Dog. We call him Red for short just like his daddy. Toni has a camo blanket that she loves. Well, Red loves it more and has now clamed it. He will drag that blanket all over the house. All the pics we have so far of him is of him sleeping. He is so spoiled. He sleeps in the bed with us every night.(In between us). He has to put his head right on side of one of us and be cheek to cheek with us. We love him! Thanks so much! We will send more pics soon.
Freddie and Toni"

"Thought Ya'll might like to see how she is.  She is a big dog.  Stands as
tall as we are when she is on her hind legs. She is around 100 pounds. She
beats me up when we play. Sue"

"Hi Mrs. Dillon,




I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!  We bought a little dress for Daisy for Christmas but couldn’t get a good picture.  She was pooped on the levee while watching the bonfires.  I can’t believe she’s 10 months old already!  Her birthday will be here before we know it.  Gosh, we love her so much!  Here are a few pictures...

Kindest Regards,
Courtney Johnson"


Hi Mrs. Dillon,



About 3 months ago, we brought Daisy to the vet for her annual shots.  While there, our vet was talking to me and my husband about a dog that was found injured in someone’s driveway.  The people who found them were'nt able to take the dog in so they brought the dog to the vet.  The vet had her there for almost a full 3 months and took care of her wounds.  Since nobody claimed the dog or answered to their flyers, our vet asked if we would be interested in giving the dog a home.  Once we saw her face, we could'nt say no.  The love we felt for her was instant!  Her name is Clementine and she now has a home with us and is as happy as can be!  She LOVES to swim and loves to howl.  Clementine and Daisy play ALL day long and Daisy is protective of Clementine.  Daisy has a sister!!



New Update...11/2013

Hi Mrs. Dillon,

It’s been awhile since I gave an update on Daisy.  I apologize.  I attached some pictures of the girls from their “Day Care”.  Part of the proceeds, for days they dress up, go to a charity.  I love seeing them dressed up and in costume!  Daisy and Clementine are still inseparable and they will howl for each other if they are separated. 

Also, there will be a coffee table book coming out called “The Hottest Hounds of New Orleans”.  It has pictures of various dogs from/around New Orleans.  Part of the proceeds from each book sold goes to the Louisiana SPCA.  We pick up our book on November 2nd and Daisy & Clementine will be in the book!  I can’t wait to share the pictures! 


 Kindest Regards,

Courtney Johnson"



Hey! This is Brandon Blaney. I bought a chocolate lab from y'all last year around this time. Her name is Reece and she was born November 22nd 2012.  Y'all said to send duck huntin pics if she does good. This baby has been AWESOME!!!!  This is the best dog I've ever had, hands down. Pure natural duck retriever.  She has tendencies that you can't teach, pure natural!


 ......Brandon Blaney"


Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures for your testimonial page on your website.

Kristin and I have enjoyed our little buddy so far and he is getting to a point where I can no longer call him little.  He has been great to have around and loves to hunt, ride in the passenger seat of my truck and loves to get in the way while I am cleaning a deer.  We just wanted to let y’all know that we are thankful for him.  I have attached a couple of pictures one is of Waylon the first night we had him and the other is Waylon at 4 months old and weighing 48 lbs.

   ...Travis Goutreaux"

Sandstone Kennels,
Regarding Lucy:  "She Is getting to big!! We are fixing to start training her to track down deer."

...Cody Dupuy

"Hello :)

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we adore our bloodhound puppy! We named her Dew Drop and she is totally our baby girl. I can't believe how fast she is growing! She has tripled her weight in just six weeks. Dew is my first ever big dog and its an experience...LOL. She is like having a toddler in the house. She is coming with us to Talladega Speedway next month. Can't wait to show her off! Here are a few picks of our sweet Dew :)

      ......Laurie Derks"

We are the family that took in Bella a black lab puppy, I believe she was one of Buttercream & Moe's pups born on April 16th.  Attached are a few pics from when we picked her up to current.  She is a delight to have, smart, sweet, beautiful and so full of energy she keeps us on our toes.  What a wonderful addition to our family.

Thanks so much,

"Sandstone Kennels,

 Hi I bought your last beagle from you about 3 years ago and I thought you might want a picture of Soul for your website. 

...Jeremy Avegno"


Just a note and a picture of Piper - I got her from you all in May she was
born 4 Apr - you had her designated female A - she is a fantastic dog all I
could ever want - great with kids - good companion and very protective - she
trained quickly and I am thinking about teaching her algebra she is that
smart- I am fortunate to have found you and wish you all the success in the
world as you bring other dogs into people's lives.  

Offer – if you ever breed  the parents again and you are looking for someone to talk to buyers about the potential of their puppies give them my contact info I will be glad to tell them of the great puppy I got from you - people have asked where she came from and I tell them I hope this brings you more clients.


 "Hi Kim

Greetings from the Beard family. We bought Brandi from you last May and she has become a cherished member of our family. We named her Beard's Jolly Girl Brandi after her parents Jake and Molly (Jolly). She is amazingly smart and so very healthy. We absolutely love her and thank you for the wonderful addition. Will send more pics later.  Thanks!"


"...We got Padaisy from you in February and she is the best dog we have ever had, she is so sweet and lovable and is so funny...  
Clay & Rita"

"Hi Kim, Happy New Year to you guys, 

I just wanted to check in and update you on Macy, she has been doing just great. 5 months old now... She's been growing up and maturing and just a great looking beagle. It's been a great experience for the boys to have a puppy like her, they take very good care of her and show her a lot of love and playtime.
So glad we found you and Macy, I would recommend you guys to any of our friends looking for a puppy.
hope you are well. Mark" 

Nice comments via text messages, from a very dear customer Jamie, who got a female Black Lab named Nellie, from us in 2013.

"...She's beautiful Kim and so loving...She is awesome and very smart...This is why my fountain stays so dirty now..."  ...Jamie


Just wanted to send you another picture. Baxter is now 12 weeks and weighs 7 pounds.  He is truly a blessingand he now sleeps through the night, thank goodness!  Thanks ya'll again for such a blessing to our family, we love him!  Megan"

"Here are more pictures for you guys, Baxter is 4 months old!!  He is wonderful, a litle wild, but great! He started obedience training school this week!...You certainly gave us a cutie...Megan"



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