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Treeing Feists

Feists are not commonly known these days.  When asked, we tell people what breeds we have, we always get the question, "What is a Treeing Feist?"  Very few people have heard of them.

Treeing Feists are a small type of hunting dog.  The "treeing" portion of their name comes from the fact that they hunt and "tree" their game.  They are silent hunters and then bark once they have treed their prey.  The Treeing Feist hunts small prey, usually squirrels.  Although most of our pups are purchased to be a companion pet, some have purchased them for the squirrel hunting sport.

Feists are small short hair dogs.  Most have their tails docked but some do have tails.  They are often confused with Jack Russell Terriers and Rat Terriers.  They make wonderful pets if not used for hunting.  They are very loyal and are very athletic which makes it fun to play with them.  Below is a link to more information regarding Feists or you can use the Google Search Bar at the bottom of the page.



We have two female Feists and one male Mountain Feist......Pics are taken in the kennels because it is extremely hard to get a still shot of them outside.  Pretty difficult in the kennels as well, but a much better chance of getting a picture.

  ...is our tan female Feist who is very loving and playful.

....is our black and white female Feist who is full of energy, climbing abilities and love.

....is our male Mountain Feist, which is stockier and a little taller than a Treeing Feist.  He has plenty of energy and loves to run.







Please feel free to research the Treeing Feist breed a little more.  This breed isn't a common dog, so most people don't even know what they are; so I encourage you to read about this very athletic and fun breed of dog.


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