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Sandstone Kennels was started in 2008 with love for dogs and love in our hearts.  Two Bloodhounds, Ozzie & Lucy, were the first "pair of mates" that we owned. Once their first litter of puppies was born and we saw how precious they were, we were completely hooked.  Watching any of the different breeds of puppies being born, until the day they go to their new homes, is so gratifying and such an amazing experience.   

As time passed, our vision grew and here we are; with so many wonderful different breeds of dogs, that have provided us with so much happiness. We have enjoyed watching our adult dogs grow from puppies into the personality-filled adults that they've become.  Our dogs have brought so much fun to our lives and they are such a huge part of our family.

We are continually improving our kennels to make our dogs most comfortable.  There really isn't much of a "profit" from selling our puppies because we apply any money made back into our dogs and our kennels, so we are not doing this to get rich.  We want to make sure that our kennels are spacious and comfortable for our dogs.  So at this time, we are still in the process of adding special touches.  Eventually, our kennels will be completely enclosed providing both heat and air conditioning for the dogs. 

Our mission at Sandstone Kennels, is to provide our customers with the best qualities in a puppy.  We strive to produce healthy, loving, friendly & socialized puppies for our customers.  These characteristics create quality, happy puppies which makes a very happy owner.


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