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The Bloodhounds are a large breed dogs and are known for their amazing ability to track scents.  They are used for hunting purposes and most importantly, they aide in helping to find the scent of a person.  When we walk our Bloodhounds, their noses are on the ground the entire time.  We don't use our Bloodhounds for hunting purposes, just as sweet and loving pets.  Bloodhounds are known to be great with children and also to be good watchdogs.  All of our Bloodhounds have very wonderful dispositions and personalities.

Here is a chart that shows a few of the Bloodhound's qualities and what to expect prior to purchasing a new Bloodhound Pup.:

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Red was purchased from a wonderful breeder in TX. He is so loving and sweet and he loves to howl too; especially when it is time to eat or hears something out of the ordinary. Red has a "goofy" personality which you will see in the various pics of him.  He checks everything out and jumps at the slightest little thing. It is so funny to watch such a large dog, be so chicken. If you are standing near his kennel, he will stick his paw through the kennel and "grab" your arm or leg to get your attention. He is truly a joy to have around!

CKC Registered



 As I stated above, Beaux is Cinnabun's brother and we kept them from Lucy and Ozzy's litter.  Beaux is as playful as his sister and they both love playing together.  He is a big beautiful baby!  In late December 2011, Ozzy and Beaux did a photo shoot with Russell Crowe. Mr. Crowe will be reminiscing and looking at old photos, that are hanging on his walls, of himself and his dogs which will be Ozzy and Beaux.

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is one of our newer additions to our family.  She was given to us by a wonderful family and has fit in perfectly with our crew of Bloodhounds.  She has become a wonderful addition to our family.  She is very playful and loving.

CKC Registered

is our Black and Tan Bloodhound.  He is so playful and goofy.  But also a very loving calm mannered dog.  He is a very big boy as well.  He loves playing, running and most of all, sniffing everything.  Can't wait to see what his puppies are going to look like when he fathers a litter.

is one of our females that loves to be with the other dogs, run around and play.  She is full sister to Lou Lou (below).  She is a big girl and sweet as she can be. She was very photogenic, she stood so still for her pictures.

is Bertha's full sister.  She is very much like Bertha, in that she loves to go out and run around, play with the others and is also a very sweet dog. She was photogenic too.  This doesn't happen very often with most of our dogs.

  Feel free to use the Google Search Bar below for any additional Bloodhound questions you may have.


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