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Welcome to Sandstone Kennels



Sandstone Kennels is a small kennel located just outside of Franklinton, LA.   First and foremost, we are not a puppy mill.  Our dogs are our "pets" and part of our family; therefore, they reside in a brand new 2,400 sq. ft. concrete facility, with over an acre of land to run on and they get plenty of exercise.  Our dogs and puppies are raised in an extremely clean and healthy environment and they are given tons of love & affection.  Our variety of breeds include:

Bloodhounds German Shepherds Labrador Retrievers Treeing Feists

We love the fact that
we are able to share our litters of puppies with others, who would like to add a special pet to THEIR family.  We take pride in the fact that each new litter of puppies are socialized with people, as well as, introduced to and socialized with our other dogs; ensuring that when they are ready to go to their new homes, they are completely friendly, loving and personable. 
Sandstone Kennels strives to make you, a very happy dog owner. We breed only the best temperaments and attributes of our dogs to produce quality puppies.

Our dogs are healthy, friendly and happy dogs.  They are properly vaccinated, wormed and given monthy heartworm prevantatives.  We can assure you that to our knowledge, none of our dogs have any genetic problems or skin disorders whatsoever.  Providing your dog with their vaccinations, wormings and heartworm preventatives can help eliminate any health problems in their future.  It is very important to keep your dogs on their vaccination schedules, as well as, heatworm preventative so that they don't acquire any diseases or heartworms, which can be deadly.  

Updates will be posted to the site periodically when we are expecting a litter, when a new litter is born, pictures as the pups grow, and when they are ready to be placed in their new homes.  Check the Upcoming Litters page, the Nursery page and the Puppies for Sale page periodically for the updates and progress of the little pups as they grow.

We encourage you to browse around our site, especially the Testimonial page and the Image Gallery.  This will give you an idea of what some of our pups from past litters have looked like; as well as, our customers' experience with our practices.  If we can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact information on our Contact Us page.

Below you will find a Google link if you have any question that you may need answered concerning puppy and dog care.  It is always a very good idea to research the breed that you are interested in purchasing and making a part of your family.  You want to be sure that the type of dog you purchase will fit with your schedule, personality and most importantly, with your household.

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