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 Eight beautiful Labrador Retrievers (4 Chocolates, 2 Yellows, 1 Black) reside at Sandstone Kennels.  This breed is so full of ENERGY but so much fun.  They do all of the things that typical Labs love to do!  Labs are also very loyal dogs and great companions.  Some of them would rather stay by my side in the kennels while I am working, rather than going outside and to get their exercise.

Many of our Labrador Retriever puppies have been purchased for duck hunting.  See our Testimonial Page for a few of those pictures and comments.  This breed is very trainable for the duck hunting sport.  Labs love to "retrieve" of course, so they excel very well at this sport.  One of our prevoius puppies is even doing agility training.

Here is a chart that shows a few of the Labrador's strengths and qualities to keep in mind prior to purchasing a Lab.

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...Cocoa's personality is very laid back and not extremely hyper like most Labs. She is more content with sitting or lying by my feet if I am working.  She is my shadow, there is no doubt about it.

CKC Registered

...Karma is our first Yellow Female.  She is full of energy with a capital E!  She does not stop moving, even in her kennel.  We think she does actually lay down to sleep though...She also loves to be in water.  She is so active outside that she dives in their water tub to cool herself down.  I am shocked that I actually got the photos below of her lying down.

AKC Registered & CKC Registered



...Princess is Cocoa and Moe's daughter from their 2010 litter.  She is extremely loveable, friendly, and very playful.  She gets along wonderfully with everyone and is simply a beautiful dog! - RETIRED

CKC Registered

...Buttercream is the daughter of our dear departed Woody, who was a Yellow Lab, and Karma, (seen above).  She is the sweetest dog ever with tons of energy.  Buttercream is very loving, excellent with her puppies, and a joy to have.

CKC Regsitered 

    ...Gemma is another of our female Chocolate Labs.  She is the daughter of Riley, whose pictures are below.  Another very sweet, loving and playful dog.  Gemma gets along with all of the others very well.  She has a very stocky build and I am sure will produce beautiful puppies.  Gem has lots of energy, so getting her picture was nearly impossible.  In the pics below, she has been in their water tub cooling off.

AKC Registered 

...Snickers is our newest male and is a monster.  He is loving, energetic and doesn't know his own strength sometimes.  He loves to come and plant his paws right on your chest not realizing how big and heavy he is.   Snickers does have Gator Point in his bloodline and I do have copies of the generational pedigree proving that fact.

AKC Registered

Baby Ruth.... is a very fun and entergetic girl.  She is the daughter of Moe and Gemma.  She is very loving and is a wonderful mother to her pups.


...Riley is a beautiful Chocolate that is full of energy and personality.  She is also Mocha's sister.  She gets along great with other dogs and is a very loving dog.

AKC Registered


 ...Molly is Karma's sister.  She is a great dog, with a wonderful disposition and loving personality.  She has been learning the basics for future duck hunting and is doing very well; she is extremely trainable and listens so well.

AKC Registered

Here is Molly with the ducks from her first hunt...


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